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Academy Classes

We offer a wide range of classes at Tidewater Skating Academy. For beginners, check out our Learn to Skate program. For our intermediate to advanced skaters, take it to the next level with our Aspire program.

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Learn to SKATE

Learn to Skate is the start of your figure skating journey. We have classes for all ages of beginners, including adults! There will be two memberships to choose from when choosing the Learn to Skate path. 

Choose from the below classes after signing up for a membership.

1 Class per week

One 30 Min Class


2 Classes per week

Two 30 Min classes or 1 Hour Class



Snow Plow Sam

Beginning level skaters ages 3-5

Ice Rink

Adult Beginner

Beginning level skaters ages 13 and over. May be combined with Basic 1 pending enrollment


Beginning level skaters are ages 6-12. As you move through the levels you will have milestones to meet before progressing to the next level. There will be a separate class for each level of Basic. 

Basic 1

Basic 2

Basic 3

Basic 4

Basic 5

Basic 6


Aspire to SKATE

When you choose to aspire, you choose to grow and challenge yourself as a skater. We have Aspire classes for all ages! There will be two memberships to choose from when choosing the Aspire to Skate path.


Choose from the below classes after signing up for a membership.

Level 3

Two classes (Aspire 1 hour and another 30 minute class or three 30 minute classes) per week and Unlimited Freestyle sessions (contact us to sign up)


Level 4
All Access

Unlimited classes, Unlimited freestyle, Unlimited add on classes

(contact us to sign up)



Moves in the Field

Skaters who have completed Basic 5 and above and wish to start training for US Figure Skating Testing and Competing. This class focuses on edging, turns and patterns to prepare skater for the US Figure Skating Moves in the Field tests.

Professional Ice Skater

Free Skate

Passed Basic 6. This class will be a combined class of Pre-Free Skate through Free Skate 6.


Intro to Aspire

For skaters who aspire to become figure skaters.  Skaters will work on edging, turns, improving stroking and power, learning how to skate to music and much more!  Open to skaters who are in Basic 3-Basic 6.

Image by Joseph Costa

Adult Aspire

Adult Skaters who have completed Adult 4 and above are welcome to join this class.  Class focuses on edge work, turns, proper stroking techniques, spins and beginning jumps


Production/Theatre on Ice

For skaters interested in performing and competing on a team.  Production will be held through the Holiday Season (11:20-11:50am).  Starting in January, we will transition to Theatre on Ice.  ***  Please Note ***  if you are on the US Figure Skating Theatre on Ice Team, you will practice from 11:20-12:20pm.


Aspire Skating Academy

Skaters who have passed Pre-Free Skate and above.  This group is 100% focused on becoming better figure skaters!  This is a one-hour class and will work on technique, edging, power, interpretive/choreography.  Skaters below the Pre-Free Skate level may enroll with approval from Skating Director.

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