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Freestyle Sessions

A Freestyle session is a session during which skaters can practice their skills, develop their routines, prepare for tests, and engage in private lessons.  Freestyle sessions are different from public sessions.  Freestyles are figure skating training ice.

We offer freestyle sessions at Chilled Ponds Chesapeake and Chilled Ponds Yorktown, Monday - Saturday
View our monthly schedule below

Freestyles can be paid for in advance with punch passes or as a walk on once you arrive at the rink.  If you take classes with us and are a freestyle level skater then you receive punch passes for freestyles with your enrollment. Click here for directions on how to purchase or register for freestyle sessions

In order to skate on our freestyle sessions certain requirements must be met:

  • A skater basic 6 or above can be on freestyle session unsupervised by a coach.

  • A skater who is 13 or older but below basic 6 can skater on freestyle session. If they pose a safety risk to themselves or others this privilege can be revoked.

  • A skater who doesn’t meet the above requirements is allowed on freestyle sessions for private lessons if they remain with their coach the entire time they are on the ice.

  • Hockey skaters can only be on the ice during their lesson with their coach. No warming up beforehand.

**All skaters who skate on freestyle need to have a signed skaters code of conduct on file in the pro shop

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