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When to transition from a Learn to Skater (LTS) to a Tidewater Figure Skating Club (TFSC) membership

You’ve been through a few cycles of LTS classes. You’ve marched through Basic 1, glided through Basic 2 and 3, edged your way out of Basic 4 and 5 and bunny-hopped through Basic 6. And now you want to know what’s next?

Tidewater Skating Academy’s (TSA) LTS program is a doorway to multiple paths in figure skating. As an LTS student, you automatically become a US Figure Skating (USFS) LTS program member. You get a membership number and are eligible to participate in Compete USA events such as the Colonial Classic, or even skate in one of the TSA’s holiday exhibitions. 


If the sparkles, fun, and thrill of a podium finish leave you wanting more, you may want to consider the next step in your skating journey—joining the TFSC. Joining the club signals your ongoing commitment to your training and the sport of figure skating. It also allows you to pursue a wider range of competitive benefits, programs, and opportunities. Think of the transition from LTS to TFSC membership as the transition from junior high to high school. You’re still learning, but you’re doing it at a higher level because you are growing and maturing as a skater and member of our Tidewater skating community. 

Becoming a TFSC member offers several benefits:

  • Ability to train and test higher-level skills both in Freestyle (jumps and spins) and the foundational Skating Skills levels (formerly known as Moves in the Field)

  • Access to more practice ice

  • Ability to compete in a wider range of competitions.

  • Access to special programs, seminars, and events offered by the club.

As an example, if you are interested in participating in our synchronized skating program you need to pass a certain level of Skating Skills to join one of our Coastal Blades or Beach Blades teams. You must be a member of TFSC to test. 


There are several levels of membership to choose from whether you are a first-time member, new to the area, or an adult. 

Membership Categories

Aspire: $70 (Available in June for renewal and July & January for new members)

  • For new members who have never had a USFS membership before.

  • For returning members who have not tested or have only taken one test.

  • This is the membership for team members who haven't tested.

  • Can be used for more than one year.

Introductory: $80

  • For members who were Aspire the previous year and no longer meet the testing requirements for Aspire.

  • Can only be used once.

Full Club Member: $140

  • Full USFS membership 

  • If the skater is under 18 a parent membership must be purchased

Parent Membership: $40

  • Required if full club skater is under 18

Additional Platinum: $70

  • Full USFS membership for additional skater in the same family

Secondary Membership: $65

  • For skaters who already have a primary club other than the Tidewater Figure Skating Club.

  • Includes testing privileges.

  • No voting or competition privileges.

Collegiate: $150

  • Four-year membership for college students eighteen (18) or older who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

  • This membership is only available once.  

  • Tidewater Figure Skating Club will be the primary club.

  • Collegiate members have privileges to testing and competition. 

Coach: $70

  • By applying for membership at this rate with the TFSC, you as a Coach agree that all rules pertaining to coaching compliance will be met.  

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