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When do I need to join Tidewater FSC?

Beginner skaters generally start in group classes such as the Learn-to-Skate USA program, and then join a local skating club once they are more advanced. 

However, if your skater is ready to compete beyond basic skills and ready to take tests, then it may be time to consider being a full USFS Tidewater FSC member.

Membership Categories

Bronze: $50

  • For new members who have never had a USFS membership before.

  • For returning members who have not tested or only taken one test.

  • This is the membership for team members who haven't tested.

  • Can be used for more then one year.

  • If you take more then one test during the membership year, then you will be moved to Silver

Silver: $50

  • For members who were bronze the previous year.

  • Can only be used once.

Gold: $110

  • Full USFS membership for adult skater over 18.

Platinum: $135

  • Full USFS membership for skater under 18.

  • Includes one parent membership.

Additional Platinum: $50

  • Full USFS membership for additional skater in the same family

Secondary Membership: $50

  • For skaters who already have a primary club other than the Tidewater Figure Skating Club.

  • Includes testing privileges.

  • No voting or competition privileges.

Collegiate: $120

  • Four year membership for college students eighteen (18) or older who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

  • This membership is only available once.  

  • Tidewater Figure Skating Club will be the primary Club.

  • Collegiate members have privileges to testing and competition. 

Coach: $70

  • By applying for membership at this rate with the TFSC, you as a Coach agree that all rules pertaining to Coaching Compliance will be met.  

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